IARPA Janus Benchmark C (IJB-C)

The IARPA Janus Benchmark C (IJB–C) is a dataset of web images used for face recognition research and development. The IJB–C dataset contains 3,531 people from 21,294 images and 3,531 videos. The list of 3,531 names are activists, artists, journalists, foreign politicians, and public speakers.

"Certain YouTube users who upload well-labeled, person-centric videos, such as the World Economic Forum and the International University Sports Federation were also identified" as ideal candidates for the IJB-C dataset." 1

Who used IJB-C?

The bar chart below presents a ranking of the top countries where dataset citations originated. Mouse over individual columns to see yearly totals. These charts show at most the top 10 countries.

Information Supply Chain

To help understand how IJB-C has been used around the world by commercial, military, and academic organizations; existing publicly available research citing IARPA Janus Benchmark C was collected, verified, and geocoded to show how AI training data has proliferated around the world. Click on the markers to reveal research projects at that location.

Citation data is collected using then dataset usage verified and geolocated. Citations are used to provide an estimated overview of how and where images were used based on institutional affiliations.

Dataset Citations

Dataset citations used in the visualizations were collected from Semantic Scholar, a website which aggregates and indexes research papers. Each citation was geocoded using names of institutions found in the PDF front matter, or as listed on other resources. These papers have been manually verified to show that researchers downloaded and used the dataset to train, test, or validate machine learning algorithms. Visualization is intended to show locations most likely associated with each researcher's affiliation, which provides aggregate geographical trends where a dataset was used. The locations displayed not confirm actual usage at the exact location. If you use our data, please cite our work.

Supplementary Information

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IJB-C Year Distribution

Cite the dataset author's work

If you reference or use any data from IJB-C cite the author's work:

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Cite Our Work

If you reference this research project or use any data from the MegaPixels project, cite our research as follows:

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